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Patch 1.7

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Patch 1.7 (the Halloween update) is one of the Patches in the game The Madness of Little Emma. It was released on November 31st, 2016.

Patch notes[edit | edit source]

new stuff[edit | edit source]

  • New mini game mode - Arena (unlocked by beating Manless Face) I don't plan to do much balancing specific around arena, this is more of a little quirky mode to play just for kicks from time to time
  • New unlockable charachter Chloe (unlocked by beating Arena)
  • 9 new items (unlockables for Arena for every character + unlockables for Chloe)
  • 2 new monster types
  • a bunch of new rooms

bug fixes[edit | edit source]

  • rubber duck no longer blows ghosts away from the screen
  • Feather Monster no longer bugs out with toy plane and baseball glove
  • fixed wrong image for rudder
  • fixed a bunch of minor bugs in room generation
  • vorpal blade now properly doesn't work in boss rooms
  • added some missing sounds(like big doll doing 'bleargh' when shooting)
  • Emma doesn't produce a pain sound when picking up items after robbing a heart shop anymore
  • stroboscope doesn't go infinite when leaving room with it turned on
  • fixed music not playing properly in some shops
  • fixed music volume balance a bit
  • fixed midas touch not affecting golden chests
  • fixed wedding band not letting you into the riddle in some cases

balance changes[edit | edit source]

  • raven visually grows indefinitely now depending on how many followers he eats, finally a good use for those huge flocks of doves!
  • it's a little bit easier to find an exit from void
  • Little rose - activation cost up to 2
  • Stroboscope - activation cost up to 2 and damage a little lower
  • Miracle room no longer generates the same item twice
  • If there is an entrance to Space on a level, there is a quite big chance to find Zeppelin in a secret (so characters other than Elizabeth can access it more often)
  • added glowing golden chests (they are quite rare and contain multiple power herbs)

Chloe[edit | edit source]

Little spoiler and explanation on how Chloe works:

Chloe doesn't have health. Whenever she gets hurt, her damage goes down a little (semipermanently). Whenever she picks up an item which would normally increase the number of heart containers (candies, red herbs, etc), she gets a permanent bonus to damage and she restores all damage that she lost from geting hurt, she gains more bonus damage if she wasn't hurt at all recently. Items which reduce the number of heart containers have no negative effect anymore (mushrooms, blood razor and so on). She is immune to spikes and starts with 20 damage.

In Arena after beating every wave, 3 pickups/items appear and you can choose one of them. After clearing a whole level there are 3 groups of drops instead (each containing 3 pickups/items) and you get to choose one of those groups. Golden herbs no longer heal in arena.