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Patch 1.5

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Patch 1.5 is one of the Patches in the game The Madness of Little Emma.

Patch notes[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

  • Elite monsters! Monsters randomly will get some cool modifiers which give them new attacks and abilites - they get much more common after you have beaten endings 1 and 2
  • Hundreds of new room layouts
  • 2 new special room types
  • LOTS of overall polishing, tidying up, smoothing out rough edges
  • 4 completely new monsters, 10 alternate versions of already existing monsters with new attacks and abilites, 5 alternate versions of already existing bosses
  • smoothed out difficulty curve! Emma should be noticeably easier if you haven't unlocked ending 1. End game (Riddle+Answer) got noticeably more diffcult - you can no longer consider the game won after you finish False End
  • Multiple people have requested this and now you can change your cursor icon in main menu if you find the default one not distinct enough (atm there are 3 versions to select from)

NEW STUFF[edit | edit source]

  • Elite monsters, normal monsters can sometimes be generated with special buffs (exploding attacks, bouncing attacks and more) - they are called elites and are an extra random challenge to overcome, they always drop small pickups when killed (elites get more common ater getting endings 1 and 2)
  • 5 completely new monsters
  • 10 alternate recoloured versions of monsters with new attacks and abilities
  • 5 alternate recoloured versions of bosses (all unlocked if you kill Spirit for the first time)
  • lots of polish (I mean it, it's really lots of small details that I've worked on)
  • a few hundred new room layouts (this is a really breath of fresh air, check it out:) )
  • 2 new room types - sacrifice room and 'dare' room
  • Emma is easier now if you have never killed the boss in False End before, but its harder after that, also Riddle and Answer are now usually much more difficult than previously
  • good luck charm completely reworked (previous was ugly and clunky with some synergies, let me know what you think!)
  • shuriken - completely reworked, now this is a super awesome passive item, which changes your bullets completely (let me know what you think, this is a short range, high damage passive weapon now)
  • some missing sounds added
  • reworked menu/ added new options (for example cursor icon can be changed)
  • some missing particles added

FIXED STUFF[edit | edit source]

  • fixed milk image
  • moving platforms should be finally fixed
  • fixed bleeding things which shouldnt bleed (chests, followers, portals)
  • big devils no longer teleport on top of you (if you stand still)
  • medicine ball fixed when falling close to wall
  • repulsor orb fix
  • soap bubbles no longer stuck in walls sometimes
  • fixed gmo carrot and fat ghost not really working
  • elizabeth doesn't float as erratically as previously
  • little spirits from the bottle no longer fly towards hearts/herbs
  • soap+tv fixed
  • render order of stuff fixed - for example herbs are always displayed in front, while chests are in the back
  • pitch of Emma's voice is affected by her size when buying items for health
  • noose now removes all collected buffs - for example charger effect (so it also removes the charger effect if you go for Amelia->Elizabeth start, which was super strong before)
  • bombs are placed properly regardless if you put them near a wall on left and right side
  • switching consumable items in an abandoned shops no longer increases your madness and reduces luck indefinitely
  • visual glitch when baby head is firing fixed
  • fixed little worms getting stuck on a platform edge
  • emerald ring sometimes increasing your fire rate permanently fixed

BALANCE CHANGES[edit | edit source]

  • cannister gives 2 bombs on pickup
  • charm reduced effect on bosses
  • prozac always drops from the last hangman(if it's unlocked of course), madness level has no influence on it
  • defibrillator heals more or less half of your health instead of full
  • bullets which leave your honey aura speed up back to their normal speed
  • secrets are a little more common in love burrow
  • beast of caerbanough use cost reduced to 1
  • meat grinder - cost to use=0
  • magical wand - cost to use=3 and stronger effect
  • deceased haunt a little more health
  • mask less health
  • buzzsaw - more damage and better range and "feel"
  • wooden blocks drop pickups sometimes
  • duck does not work on bosses
  • shopkeepers drop a golden coin after getting killed
  • dove flies a little bit slower towards hearts and herbs
  • luck cannot go below 0
  • dark tunnel's boss now drops extra 3 boss herbs
  • little sorrows are now immune to their explosions
  • Exploding matey is affected by Pinata Bomb and Fireworks
  • pit no longer freezes when entered
  • diamond ring has a much weaker effect on later levels
  • baby head - bigger cd 4->5sec
  • a little less chests are being spawned then previously
  • rainbow herbs - significant buff (usually around 3 stats will be increased)
  • boss herb now gives 4 fire rate instead of 3
  • hanoi tower and snipe both buffed (more dmg)

Official screenshots[edit | edit source]

Patch 1.5.gif