Patch 1.3

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Patch 1.3 is one of the Patches in the game The Madness of Little Emma.

Patch notes[edit | edit source]

  • 100 new items, that's right - we are now at 269 items total (not including small pickups), I think the number is pretty good for the time being;),
  • a new playable character,
  • a new boss in the first episode,
  • removed small graphical artifacts in some of the bosses that still had them,
  • added timer which is visible when game is paused (press esc), between levels and when you get to an ending,
  • fixed the messed up room which could have big maggot stuck out of player range,
  • charm effect changed - charmed monsters don't harm you and don't shoot bullets
  • active items have cooldown outside of coins cost (usually a few seconds), some active items have use cost reduced (for example lolipop is free to use, but only once per 10 sec)
  • fixed ball n' chain when the big bullet was flying leftwards.
  • fixed some problems with sound when too many things were happening at once (like 54354 bullets hiting something)
  • fixed ouija board+feather monster interaction - you no longer get stuck jumping
  • cardinal cross now only affects your main bullet, so for example if you have comb or fork extra bullets won't fly in the straight line.
  • secrets have a small platform above them, so you no longer can go stuck if the secret is at the bottom of a pit,
  • boss monsters summoned by spirit no longer glitch the health bar,
  • items related to bombs give 2 bombs when picked up
  • shopkeeper calls you by your actual character name,
  • Heartbomb cannot appear for Amelia,
  • Zeppelin cannot appear for Elizabeth
  • snowflakes don't proc on monster killed effects (like silver marble)
  • if you start a ladder game and something is wrong, if you exit the game before leaving the first room, you should not lose points,
  • perfume generates more clouds and they live longer,
  • dolls shouldn't get stuck in the walls anymore
  • final notice should no longer give you lots of health when you leave-enter the boss room after killing the boss
  • shell slows lasts shorter and does not affect bosses,
  • in the meantime I changed Emma's ladders to public so you can view them using steam interface,
  • fixed some companions generating tons of blood when enemy bullet goes through them,
  • a number of other small bug fixes and qol changes