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Patch 1.2.14

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Patch 1.2.14 is one of the Patches in the game The Madness of Little Emma.

Patch notes[edit | edit source]

  • phial decreases Emma's size properly
  • sandstone not breaking into smaller spit at certain angles fixed
  • all bullets can fly through platforms downwards
  • spikes are much more visible
  • fixed an uncommon crash after killing a boss when holding specific item combination
  • new monsters, rooms and items
  • whole new Valentine's themed episode (1-level long, with new unique monsters, bosses, rooms and themed items)
  • expanded hud
  • 2 new unlockable characters (each with completely different playstyle) (Elizabeth and Amelia)
  • 2 new hidden/alternative end bosses
  • 1 new ending cutscene expanding the story of Emma and Timmy (technically there are two, but one of them is pretty short and included in the second one)
  • fixed light bugs in lantern so they no longer move to a single pixel after walking around a room a bit
  • some active items disappearing after picking another one fixed
  • general tidying up
  • fixed visual artifacts (when some monsters blink after getting hit and in text)
  • you can no longer get stuck in The Pit when holding Bubble
  • explosions should no longer partially close the door when a secret was near
  • new sight icon (when little sorrows mark Emma, or when you hold sniper sight)
  • new ambient animals unique for each setting
  • black baby heads properly aim at Emma now
  • added sounds to some effects which did not have them previouosly
  • portal effect changed
  • 21 new achievements

Here is the notification for the update in steam news.

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