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Patch 1.02

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Patch 1.02 is one of the Patches in the game The Madness of Little Emma. It was released on December 28th, 2015.

Patch notes[edit | edit source]

  • Bubble should no longer let you skip bosses
  • Zeppelin is much more responsive and no longer useless
  • Bombs from TV explode on contact with enemies
  • 10 new rooms in episode 1 (not much, but there will be more)
  • The point on a sprite from which Emma spits her spit is changed a little, now it is much easier to shoot downwards from the edge of a platform
  • When the game closes unexpectedly your ladder score will be submitted next time you launch the game (as if you died in the room where the game was closed). Also this should fix any issues of score not being submitted.
  • If anyone has problems with the selected option in menu moving by itself there is a little workaround - press F12. This will be fixed more "properly" in the next patch
  • Regarding all the problems with game crashing in lvl 2. This seem to most often happen while streaming/recording (with OBS) - the first idea would be to try to switch to "window capture" instead of "game capture", if this does not help - switching windowed mode / full screen might help it. Full screen is a problem lots of Java games have on some machines, the most known one being Minecraft.

Here is the notification for the update in steam news.

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